Goof-Proof Brows | Review

What do you do when you’re stuck for an hour at the duty-free section at the airport before the gate for your flight is announced? Spend the last bit of cash of makeup of course!

I ended up going to the Benefit Cosmetics stand and picked up two bits from there. Not sure how many of you have seen a Benefit Cosmetics stand before, but you honestly can’t miss it. It’s so bright and decked out. All the products come in cute packaging, making you stare at their intricate designs endlessly. The attention to detail in this brand is insane – from the box to the tip of the product itself. I’m a sucker for packaging so this was completely up my alley. I mean look at them!


I purchased the Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil, that comes in 6 different shades – I got the number 05 – deep. The product features a pencil tip that doesn’t need to be sharpened and you simply just apply it by applying feathery short strokes where you need your brows to fill up. At the other end of the product, you can also find a spoolie-brush which is very handy to distribute the product further inside your brow hairs.


Was it easy to get a hand of it? Not so much, but that’s because I’m used to using powder to fill in my brows. So if you’re a non-pencil user it’s going to take a while. Luckily mistakes are easily corrected and a little bit of the product goes a long way as it distributes quite well through the brow hairs when using the spoolie-brush.


I loved how the colour matched my natural brows and the finished look is definitely natural and not too done up, making you look like you could cut someone with your brows.

Another quick product that I picked up is the 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Gel. There is nothing particularly out of the ordinary with this product, but when it claims that your brows stay in place – it means it! I personally am a fan of the formula, it’s quite cool when you apply it on and it doesn’t flake. Again, it keeps in line with keeping your brows natural looking and not super shiny and too done up which I like. I mean I’m human, I don’t want to look like a wax figure.


Would I go for them again? Probably not, even though I am personally satisfied with the results. I think sticking to my normal  lower-end product which would get me pretty much the same results but at a much lower cost. But in all fairness, it did satisfy the need for me to buy some pretty looking makeup products and to say that I tried out Benefit Cosmetics.


Michelle X


Blue Hues & Bold Brights | OOTD

Hey hey!

I just got back from London Town with a suitcase full of goodies and I’m planning to share them with you for throughout the summer months for some style inspiration!

While shopping, I couldn’t wait to wear my new clothes and so, as one naturally does when they don’t want to wait, I wore them. Last Saturday it was a bit chilly so this outfit doesn’t really say ‘Mediterranean summer’, but could definitely serve as some inspiration for the coming months full of blistering heat.

This Spring/Summer season, I’m obsessed with poplin style shirts that have a twist, and even more, if they are pin stripped. So on my first day of my trip, I saw this shirt on the mannequin and had to have it. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size – but I seized to give up. So I went to two more H&M shops until I found my size. And I did! I love that it has a wrap around detail to it and comes in a three-quarter length. Here I paired it with my trusty denim jeans, but in Malta, I would wear it with a pair of shorts in either a crisp white or navy blue. I would avoid to pair it with washed out denim as I feel that it would be a bit busy against the pinstripe detail it has.

Since the outfit was a bit bland with just being essentially blue and white, I wanted to add a bold pop of colour to the outfit and to also scream, ‘I know this is London, and it’s cloudy. But it’s summer, so I’m bringing a dose of sunshine!’. I found this orange crossbody on sale at Accessorize (which coincidentally matched my nails) and I knew it would be the perfect piece to add to any outfit that needs a dose of colour and fun.

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Top: H&M

Crossbody Handbag: Accessorize

Jeans: Pull&Bear

Shoes: Urban Jungle

Hoop Earrings: ASOS

Choker: Accessorize

Michelle X



My Current Go-To Lip Products

Hello hello hello there!

It’s been a little while, apologies for that but sometimes life happens.For this post, I really wanted to share with you my favourite lip products that I’ve been using almost every single day (it kind of is every single day because during the week I have free make-up days). They’re two Flormar lipsticks: the Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick and the New Age Matte Liquid Lipstick.

I have, to be honest when I first tried out these shades I was taken aback a bit, for the reason that I had been wearing so many muted and nude lipstick shades, wearing these new shades was a bit of a shock. In fact, I wasn’t so keen on wearing them at the beginning. Eventually, spring and summer fever kicked in and that’s when I started making the most out of them.

Let’s start off with the Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick, which I got in the shade 06 Cherry Blossom. I normally like a more of a matte finish when it comes to liquid lipsticks but I really enjoy the product. The colour is definitely pinker and it isn’t really a muted pink as I would have initially liked or had seen on their website, however, the shade definitely grew on me.

It’s not super drying, although I do find it helpful to apply my Nivea lip balm first. The colour is long lasting and you only need to reapply maybe once throughout a whole day. The only thing is that when you apply it a second time it does get a bit crumbly and your lips don’t look as flawless as if it were the first time you applied the product. So what I do is that I remove a bit of the previous product with a tissue, so that the product build up doesn’t crumble.



The second is my absolute favourite! Over the years wearing red lips was always a complete nightmare because those were the shades that looked horrible when they smudge. The New Age Matte Liquid Lipstick was part of the Flormar New Age limited collection (cry), and I got this in the shade 04 Carnation Red. As a red, it’s quite bright and does have an orange undertone to it which I absolutely don’t mind for the summer season, but I wouldn’t really wear this red for the colder months as I’d go for a more deep red.

This liquid lipstick doesn’t smudge at all and the matte finish is perfect. Again the product isn’t drying and beforehand I only apply a smidgen of my Nivea lip balm (I have been suffering from really dry lips lately so lip balm is a must right now). I’m honestly gutted that this product was a limited edition in store as it seems to still be available online, and I hate myself for not purchasing the other shades that were in the range. If any of you know of a similar shade to this product or know of a Flormar lip product with the same results please do let me know because my heart is genuinely breaking!



I highly recommend that you check out Flormar’s lip products if you haven’t yet because I’m one happy camper. The prices are very fair, the amount of product lasts for quite a long time and the results are top notch.

Have a good rest of the week!

Michelle X


Two months ago, I came to this blog excited and at the same time weary to write about starting a new journey of living a healthier lifestyle. I wrote about how excited I was to finally get on track and signed up to the gym and having healthy habits introduced into my daily routine.

I was quite hesitant to be honest, if weeks later I would still be on this path or it would be one of those things which I let go of, as unfortunately I have been guilty of doing in the past. I felt like I would have disappointed myself and the few readers of this blog, if there are any out there that is. I would have blabbered about how I’m so determined to do this and then it would have fizzled out.

What happened now? Well, I am very pleased to inform you that indeed I have kept the routine. I know it’s just two months but I’m pretty proud of myself. I honestly thought that after my month membership would have finished up, I would find myself being lazy and not renew it. Quite the opposite. I renewed it a day before it expired and I just renewed it again the other day! So yes, I am very pleased. I kept the weekly routine quite steady, going three times a week after work. There were two instances where I only went twice in a week, but I have a rower at home so I made up for it in another way.

Results? Yes! I am not keen on posting before and after pictures and to be honest there isn’t a big difference. As I mentioned in my previous post I wanted to get this gym routine going because I was unhappy with a small area of my body and wished to tighten up a bit and because I knew that it would make me feel better mentally. I was over the moon when I started seeing my jeans actually becoming baggy (and so have my underpants) which to me is a big plus! With regards to my mental health, I’ve dealt with stress way better since I started going to the gym. It has made me become a more focused and energised person. When faced with an issue, I’m much better at looking at it from a rational point of view.

I also really got into the habit of eating at healthy times and having more white meats in my diet and vegetables (yes, I know – veggies!). I try my best to refrain from drinking a lot of alcohol when going out or dilute it with water – as a colleague of mine suggested. When I have that occasional naughty meal, I order water along with it instead of a sugary soft drink.

So as you can see, I didn’t really do major changes, but rather amended small things and introduced exercise. I would have never committed to doing a strict diet because I know myself, and it just wouldn’t happen. True that changes might happen much slower, but at least my lifestyle is much healthier than it was at the beginning of the year.

For those troopers out there who are in the same boat as I am, don’t give up! Take baby steps and you’ll get there – there’s no rush.

Till the next,

Michelle X

Honey Bronze Drops of Sun | Review

So a while ago I walked into The Body Shop at PAMA while running some errands, which has been a century since I walked in – well actually that’s a lie. The only reason I walk into The Body Shop is around Christmas time to buy a present for someone which I have no clue what to get for. I mean, what’s the easiest scapegoat than buying soaps and lotions for a gift?

I didn’t walk in without any intention, I knew what I was looking for which is the ‘Honey Bronze Drops of Sun‘. They came out with this Honey Bronze range for quite some time which is intended for people who aren’t naturally tanned to keep their tan while away on holiday. As you can clearly see, I don’t need a huge amount of tanning, but I do like to retain my natural summer tan.


The product comes in a small bottle (containing 100ml) and you can either apply the product onto a brush or on your hand then transfer it with a brush. I was recommended by the sales person an angled contouring brush, which funnily enough I needed. Do I agree with the recommendation? Not entirely. It made distributing the product a bit trickier so a stippling brush would be better I would say. It got me a good while to understand the best amount of product to put on the brush and how to best distribute it on my face. I essentially apply the product under my cheekbones –  just as you would when applying a powder or a cream contour – and on my forehead, working it in until it looks natural and flawless.

You instantly see the product adding that natural tan to your face, so be careful not to add too much. I suggest that you build up the product so you reach the perfect level of natural tan that you want to achieve. A plus is that it’s not orangey at all, so it doesn’t look like fake tan or anything. I can’t really say how it would turn out on fair skin because I have  an olive-medium complexion, but I’m guessing that it would be pretty much the same.



  • It takes a while to get used to the product application without having funny brush streaks on your face. So don’t worry, you just need to practice and if you do do that mistake, you could fix up that error with a powder bronzer on top.
  • Another way how you could use the product is by mixing it with your foundation to give it a darker tint, which is especially handy since now Summer is approaching and you have to notch up that shade a bit darker to match with the rest of your body.


What I do like is that especially for an everyday look I like how it sits on my face. It does feel a bit wet at first sometimes and I do get scared that it’s going to mess up my makeup but it dries up instantly and my makeup stays in check.

I would recommend this product to anyone, especially if they have a tanned complexion like me. Whether you like playing around with makeup and are confident or even you don’t want to go into all that contouring detail and whatnot but you still want some natural definition for a low-key bronzed look, this could be what you’ve been waiting for.  Just a heads up, it’s going to take a few tries before you get it right.


Till the next!

Michelle X

Pastel Metallica | OOTD

I think the last time I did one of these, was back when I was seventeen when I had my other blog. To be honest, even though this might sound a bit dumb, I built a bit of courage to do this OOTD. As I have explained in previous posts, body confidence isn’t my best suit. However, this was a feel good week, and I felt good in both my skin and my outfit. And hey, I had just bought a couple new pieces so the next logical step was to prance around a bit (which is technically one third of my outfit, but lets pretend it’s more than that).

In Miranda Priestly’s own words, there’s nothing original about florals in spring, even though they’re fun to wear. I think in spring however, pastels have to be my favourite thing. Before I barely owned any pastel items of clothing, but since I stocked up from Primark during my last little overseas shopping rendezvous, pastels (especially pastel pink – wierd), have been weaving themselves through in my wardrobe. And, I love it.

Band-tees are also a thing this year, and I’m not a stranger to them, but a band t-shirt in pastel for spring/summer? Sold. I had to have it as soon as I saw it at Pull & Bear. I paired it with my ripped jeans which I’ve been living in ever since I bought them, my trusty white (extremely dirty) converse and this pastel blue cross-body bag that I also got from Pull & Bear. I was quite surprised that I really liked a lot of stuff from their latest collection, as I hadn’t purchased anything from the shop for years!

Anywho – scroll down for all the outfit deets and the ones purchased recently are all linked!








Outfit Details:

Metallica T-Shirt: Pull&Bear

Jacket: Mango

Jeans: Pull&Bear

Shoes: Urban Jungle

Choker: Accessorize

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Crossbody Bag: Pull&Bear

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters



Michelle X

Flormar Invisible Loose Powder | Review

I never was that much into baking before. It never really crossed my mind to bake my face to lock in my makeup since I just put on the Max Factor Creme Puff to do so and somehow my makeup always seems to stay on untouched for quite a long while. Even if (I do a major makeup no no) wake up with the same makeup the next day.

But lately I have noticed that under my eyes my makeup began to crease, which does mean that my usual go-to concealer needs to be changed up a bit. However, I also wanted to start achieving the look of brighter under-eyes and have my makeup more photo ready even when I’m not using my Sleek Cream Contour Kit, for those less makeup heavy days for a more natural look.

I had been meaning to go to Flormar for quite sometime, but since I cringe at the thought of going in both the areas their stores are in, I never really quite made the time or effort. A couple of weeks ago I needed to stop by Paola and I thought, ‘why not while I’m here?’ Long story short, I went in and got myself the Invisible Loose Powder and a couple of triangle sponges.


One thing that I would like to highlight about this outlet is that I love the layout, and the sales girls were all very nice and helpful and this is something which I don’t come across often in makeup stores is that sales girls really know the products and  give you tips and tricks on how to use that particular product. I have had experiences where salespersons in shops ignored me or didn’t even say one word to me while shopping except the price of my total. So I really appreciated it and it makes the shopping experience twice as more enjoyable!

Back to the product, I was really excited to try it out. So I did as the salesgirl suggested to me. I  wet the triangle sponge and dabbed it into the lid where I would have tapped the product into. I then dabbed the sponge under my eyes, going up a bit to my temples, on my jaw line, smile lines and the last bit of residue on my forehead. I let the powder set and while I waited I did my brows and eyes. After that, I swept the powder off with my elite models powder brush.


I honestly am a fan of this product, my makeup looked much more flawless, and it definitely makes my makeup look more photo ready. Don’t be too scared if you end up being a bit washed out, it’s nothing that a little contouring and bronzer can’t fix. I also do have to get used to figure out the right amount of product to apply onto my face, maybe that also has to do a bit with the extreme whiteness. The only thing that I noticed is that once it’s on the face and if you feel the product with your fingers it’s texture is a bit rough, but you don’t feel it at all on the face.

Got anymore Flormar products to recommend? Let me know!

Michelle X

Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

I have been meaning to start going to the gym for quite some time. I used to go regularly a couple of years back but my membership expired and I never really got around to renewing it.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine mentioned how she really found this gym really good and it’s close to were we both live and it would be really convenient to go to. Long story short, I signed up and got a membership and I couldn’t have made a better decision.

Going to the gym gives me that confidence boost that sometimes I find myself lack. I am at a healthy weight mind you, but lets say that some body parts are very stubborn and retain weight in them more than I would like for them to do. I have always been very self conscious about my hip and bum area. Those of you who used to follow my other blog a few years back (I actually counted in my head and that would be six years ago!) know how vocal I was about this and how it affected me in my purchases of clothing items, trying new trends and even sharing OOTD posts. It’s something which unfortunately I haven’t grown out of during the years, despite losing weight, which I didn’t have that much to lose to begin with. Unfortunately it still very much affected my confidence. Body image has always affected me unfortunately and I still haven’t managed to overcome this and admire all those women who are so body confident. A lot of people say, ‘don’t show that you aren’t so confident in your skin, it’s not appealing’. Which is true, but I cannot say one thing which isn’t true and feel the opposite. I’m me, and I’m real as can be.

Body confidence isn’t the only thing that the gym helps me with. It helps me unwind after a long day at the office and even when I’m feeling a bit wound up because of other reasons, it helps me clear my head and focus rather than having a jumble in my brain. There’s nothing worse than having a clouded outlook on any situation.


I am a huge advocate for keeping your mental health in check and as of late I wasn’t feeling too positive. I felt that I was feeling drowned and I needed something to help me kickstart myself again, because I knew that how I was acting or being wasn’t completely myself. It was as if a wall was being built around me and for somewhat reason, I couldn’t break through. Going to the gym has definitely helped me amp up my endorphins and my positivity has indeed increased.

One last thing that kind of goes without saying is that doing exercise is good for everyone’s health in general. I sit at a desk all day and go home and stay in bed mainly watching Netflix. My normal ‘walking activities’ only include walking to my car and up the stairs. So as you can see, I did need to put in some exercise time into my weekly timetable.

I’m still very green and getting used to what to do at the gym which best suits what I mainly want for my body, but for now it just involves a lot of cardio mainly and I’ve started to attend a couple of classes the gym I go to hosts to get a feel of things and see which one I like best that fits my personal needs. I do want to look up and get some tips on what exercises I should do best to get that goal I would like to achieve. If any of you are gym savvy and would like to help out a girl, please feel free and let me know! I’m open to any tips!

Till the next one!

Michelle X

Be A Tourist | Marsaxlokk

Despite Malta being very tiny, there is an abundance of things which you can get up to. I feel that as time goes by you start looking and experiencing things from a different lens, and appreciate things even more – or it could be the latest trend of nurturing and embracing our culture having a bit of an affect on me. I would like to think that it’s the former.

The more I grow older, the more I really observe what’s around me and for quite some time I didn’t really appreciate or feel very patriotic towards the little island of Malta, that I call home. It has become a bit of a hobby really to utilise my weekends as the perfect opportunity to walk about and explore different localities and really embrace the culture which I was raised up in. I feel that along the way, especially in my teen years, my appreciation had gone rather astray unfortunately.

A couple of Sundays ago, I went to Marsaxlokk with my boyfriend and decided to go to the Sunday market. Not to particularly buy anything, but just go about and remember the times when I used to go to the market with my grandparents. I remember I used to just hate the smell of fish and the crowd just annoyed me. They both still aren’t my cup of tea, but I’m more tolerant nowadays. It was really enjoyable, going about and observing the hawkers’ products and displays, taking pride in what they’re selling guaranteeing customers that it’s nothing like they can purchase anywhere else. I loved sitting by the sea, sipping my to-go Costa, and watching the seagulls soaring over the harbour to get their next meal, while the sun shone on my face, and really getting those good vibes going.

Instead of boring you with recounting the entire day, here are a few amature snaps I took of the beautiful village of Marsaxlokk, on a blissful Sunday morning.


Will wait and see where the next Dora The Explorer session will be!

Michelle X

NYX Lip Lingerie | Review

I have become a tad obsessed these couple of months with liquid lipsticks, may it be a matte or velvet finish or just plain normal, I adore them. I find them much easier to apply and the texture on the lip is just much more enjoyable than the weight and consistency of a normal lipstick.

I’ve been seeing the NYX lip lingerie everywhere, and whenever I tried to go and buy them from a local store, luck was never on my side, as shades were either very limited or they were completely out of stock. It was as if the cosmic gods of makeup wouldn’t allow me to indulge in a little bit of liquid lipstick heaven. However, when I went abroad, I made sure to go to Boots and get my hands on one!

First of all I want to address that the fact that there are 24 different shades is really impressive and in all honesty I couldn’t make up my mind at all at first, but I kind of already had in mind of a kind of shade that I really wanted to own. Since I already owned a couple of brownish tones which I have been loving this past season, I wanted something more of a muted purple.


I picked the shade Embellishment which was the exact shade that I was looking for! To be honest, if you see their colours on their official website, the shade looks more like it has a pink undertone than how it actually looks in real life. I am tempted to purchase other ones online, as there seems to be more of a variety online than in stores locally, but I like swatching shades on my hand before I am convinced to purchase a particular colour, and when it comes to makeup, any kind of makeup, I like seeing how it looks in front of my very own eyes than just seeing it on screen.


But anyways, what can I say about this product? I simply love it.

It doesn’t dry my lips at all, and it keeps them moist and it doesn’t smudge. When applying it, if you make a bit of a mistake, you can easily amend your error without the colour being stained on your skin and having to remove it with a makeup wipe, and we all know what a disaster that ends up being, especially if you have just applied highlight to your cupids bow. The product doesn’t seem to stain, but it does transfer lightly. What maybe you do have to watch out for, is that you would need to reapply the product throughout the night, but it won’t look horrendous if the colour fades, as after all, the shades are meant to look natural so it doesn’t look embarrassing if you have been sipping on drinks and you completely forgot to reapply it and as soon as you peer into a bathroom mirror you say to yourself, ‘Have I been speaking to people looking like this all night?’ Which believe me, I have done a million of times and I didn’t look pretty at all.

Admittedly, part of the reason why I am obsessed with this liquid lipstick is because I really loved this shade that I got, and I’m pretty sure I will repurchase it as soon as it finishes. I also wouldn’t mind buying other shades either from the range.

NYX definitely got a couple of points from me for this product, as I wasn’t too impressed with their Liquid Suede Creme Lipsticks and an eyeshadow palette that I also recently purchased. I was kind of thinking that their quality was going a bit downhill, but this Lip Lingerie gave me a ray of hope.

Bit of a disclaimer, since I went on a liquid lipstick binge (no shame), a couple of future posts will definitely be reviews!

Till the next post!


Michelle X