Flormar Invisible Loose Powder | Review

I never was that much into baking before. It never really crossed my mind to bake my face to lock in my makeup since I just put on the Max Factor Creme Puff to do so and somehow my makeup always seems to stay on untouched for quite a long while. Even if (I do a major makeup no no) wake up with the same makeup the next day.

But lately I have noticed that under my eyes my makeup began to crease, which does mean that my usual go-to concealer needs to be changed up a bit. However, I also wanted to start achieving the look of brighter under-eyes and have my makeup more photo ready even when I’m not using my Sleek Cream Contour Kit, for those less makeup heavy days for a more natural look.

I had been meaning to go to Flormar for quite sometime, but since I cringe at the thought of going in both the areas their stores are in, I never really quite made the time or effort. A couple of weeks ago I needed to stop by Paola and I thought, ‘why not while I’m here?’ Long story short, I went in and got myself the Invisible Loose Powder and a couple of triangle sponges.


One thing that I would like to highlight about this outlet is that I love the layout, and the sales girls were all very nice and helpful and this is something which I don’t come across often in makeup stores is that sales girls really know the products and  give you tips and tricks on how to use that particular product. I have had experiences where salespersons in shops ignored me or didn’t even say one word to me while shopping except the price of my total. So I really appreciated it and it makes the shopping experience twice as more enjoyable!

Back to the product, I was really excited to try it out. So I did as the salesgirl suggested to me. I  wet the triangle sponge and dabbed it into the lid where I would have tapped the product into. I then dabbed the sponge under my eyes, going up a bit to my temples, on my jaw line, smile lines and the last bit of residue on my forehead. I let the powder set and while I waited I did my brows and eyes. After that, I swept the powder off with my elite models powder brush.


I honestly am a fan of this product, my makeup looked much more flawless, and it definitely makes my makeup look more photo ready. Don’t be too scared if you end up being a bit washed out, it’s nothing that a little contouring and bronzer can’t fix. I also do have to get used to figure out the right amount of product to apply onto my face, maybe that also has to do a bit with the extreme whiteness. The only thing that I noticed is that once it’s on the face and if you feel the product with your fingers it’s texture is a bit rough, but you don’t feel it at all on the face.

Got anymore Flormar products to recommend? Let me know!

Michelle X


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