Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

I have been meaning to start going to the gym for quite some time. I used to go regularly a couple of years back but my membership expired and I never really got around to renewing it.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine mentioned how she really found this gym really good and it’s close to were we both live and it would be really convenient to go to. Long story short, I signed up and got a membership and I couldn’t have made a better decision.

Going to the gym gives me that confidence boost that sometimes I find myself lack. I am at a healthy weight mind you, but lets say that some body parts are very stubborn and retain weight in them more than I would like for them to do. I have always been very self conscious about my hip and bum area. Those of you who used to follow my other blog a few years back (I actually counted in my head and that would be six years ago!) know how vocal I was about this and how it affected me in my purchases of clothing items, trying new trends and even sharing OOTD posts. It’s something which unfortunately I haven’t grown out of during the years, despite losing weight, which I didn’t have that much to lose to begin with. Unfortunately it still very much affected my confidence. Body image has always affected me unfortunately and I still haven’t managed to overcome this and admire all those women who are so body confident. A lot of people say, ‘don’t show that you aren’t so confident in your skin, it’s not appealing’. Which is true, but I cannot say one thing which isn’t true and feel the opposite. I’m me, and I’m real as can be.

Body confidence isn’t the only thing that the gym helps me with. It helps me unwind after a long day at the office and even when I’m feeling a bit wound up because of other reasons, it helps me clear my head and focus rather than having a jumble in my brain. There’s nothing worse than having a clouded outlook on any situation.


I am a huge advocate for keeping your mental health in check and as of late I wasn’t feeling too positive. I felt that I was feeling drowned and I needed something to help me kickstart myself again, because I knew that how I was acting or being wasn’t completely myself. It was as if a wall was being built around me and for somewhat reason, I couldn’t break through. Going to the gym has definitely helped me amp up my endorphins and my positivity has indeed increased.

One last thing that kind of goes without saying is that doing exercise is good for everyone’s health in general. I sit at a desk all day and go home and stay in bed mainly watching Netflix. My normal ‘walking activities’ only include walking to my car and up the stairs. So as you can see, I did need to put in some exercise time into my weekly timetable.

I’m still very green and getting used to what to do at the gym which best suits what I mainly want for my body, but for now it just involves a lot of cardio mainly and I’ve started to attend a couple of classes the gym I go to hosts to get a feel of things and see which one I like best that fits my personal needs. I do want to look up and get some tips on what exercises I should do best to get that goal I would like to achieve. If any of you are gym savvy and would like to help out a girl, please feel free and let me know! I’m open to any tips!

Till the next one!

Michelle X


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