Be A Tourist | Marsaxlokk

Despite Malta being very tiny, there is an abundance of things which you can get up to. I feel that as time goes by you start looking and experiencing things from a different lens, and appreciate things even more – or it could be the latest trend of nurturing and embracing our culture having a bit of an affect on me. I would like to think that it’s the former.

The more I grow older, the more I really observe what’s around me and for quite some time I didn’t really appreciate or feel very patriotic towards the little island of Malta, that I call home. It has become a bit of a hobby really to utilise my weekends as the perfect opportunity to walk about and explore different localities and really embrace the culture which I was raised up in. I feel that along the way, especially in my teen years, my appreciation had gone rather astray unfortunately.

A couple of Sundays ago, I went to Marsaxlokk with my boyfriend and decided to go to the Sunday market. Not to particularly buy anything, but just go about and remember the times when I used to go to the market with my grandparents. I remember I used to just hate the smell of fish and the crowd just annoyed me. They both still aren’t my cup of tea, but I’m more tolerant nowadays. It was really enjoyable, going about and observing the hawkers’ products and displays, taking pride in what they’re selling guaranteeing customers that it’s nothing like they can purchase anywhere else. I loved sitting by the sea, sipping my to-go Costa, and watching the seagulls soaring over the harbour to get their next meal, while the sun shone on my face, and really getting those good vibes going.

Instead of boring you with recounting the entire day, here are a few amature snaps I took of the beautiful village of Marsaxlokk, on a blissful Sunday morning.


Will wait and see where the next Dora The Explorer session will be!

Michelle X


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