Sleek Contour Rave

Gosh, it has been quite a while since I actually sat down and typed in a blog post, but in all honesty, I have been planning a couple of posts for quite some time now. I had a list at the back of my head, but never took the time to sit down at my desk and write them out.

But no rambling, this isn’t what I’m here for! I want to share with you a little something I got myself from Roseberry in Valletta in the month of November which I raved about on my Instagram.

So as you can tell from the title of this blog post, I delved into the world of contouring. Well technically that is a lie, because I had been contouring ever since I can remember, to be honest, but I always did it with a powder bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks and on my temples and used a concealer a shade lighter to act as a highlight under my eyes, since (touch wood) I don’t need heavy coverage for my skin, I just need to look more awake on certain days. For the festive season, however, I wanted to get my hands on an actual contour kit since I know that I will be going out more and I had several occasions coming up and wanted my makeup to look photo ready.

I always was a fan of Sleek MakeUp since I got a couple of stuff of theirs from London a few years back, so it was a delight seeing that Roseberry stocked their products locally! So I bought myself the Cream Contour Kit in medium which looked like it was going to work a treat.


I have to be honest, I did have a fail at the beginning with it, as since it’s a cream contour palette, you need a lot of patience to blend it all in seamlessly together with an egg blending sponge, which I didn’t the first time I used it because I was ferociously blending it all in and saying to myself over and over again, ‘Show me results! Show me results!’.

I also did have a little bit of trouble when transferring certain shades onto the flat foundation brush onto my skin until I got used to them, but with that being said when you put it on patiently and take your time to blend it in properly the results are outstanding. I just love how it just looks so natural and it doesn’t cake.

Another plus side to this product is that it came in with a numbered face chart illustrating which shade goes best where. I found it really handy, but the more I used it and understood my face angles the more I changed it up and left out a shade or two when I felt that weren’t really necessary.

I personally wouldn’t suggest this product for oily skin because I do feel that it might slip off. To be honest, I have never experienced the problem of having my makeup melt or slip off of my face, and I don’t use a makeup fixing spray – I really and truly keep it as basic as it can get, so this was my way of changing up my makeup game for occasions when I do feel like doing up my face because in all honesty I do get lazy at times and I don’t feel like the whole process.


The fun about makeup is experimenting with new products and colours. Have you tried something new this month that you want to rave about? Let me know!

Michelle X


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